Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7441 with Snapdragon X Elite

According to new benchmarks first spotted by Windows Latest, Dell is joining the Snapdragon X Elite club with the Inspiron 14 Plus 7441. The leaked Inspiron 14 Plus 7441 has been spotted running Snapdragon X Elite (X1E80100), which also powers the Surface Laptop 6 and Galaxy Book4 Edge.

Dell’s Inspiron 14 Plus 7441 benchmarks on Geekbench are particularly interesting because the multi-core numbers are below 5,000. This is likely because the hardware was tested using incorrect benchmark settings or some weird power configuration, such as incorrect PMICs (power management integrated circuit). It’s pointless to conclude anything based on these botched-up numbers:

Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7441
Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7441 with X Elite benchmarks | Image Courtesy:

It’s also worth noting that the Inspiron 14 Plus 7441 is listed with a Qualcomm Oryon at 3417 MHz, while the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge and Surface Laptop 6 are listed with the same Oryon chip at 4012 MHz.

Benchmark breakdown:

  • Model: Inspiron 14 Plus 7441
  • OS: Windows 11 24H2 preview build.
  • Motherboard: Dell Inc. 032Y94
  • Power Plan: Balanced.
  • CPU: Snapdragon X Elite – X1E80100 – Qualcomm Oryon CPU
  • Topology: 1 Processor, 12 Cores (8 performance, 4 efficiency).
  • RAM: 16 GB.

Here’s another benchmark of the Dell laptop:

Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7441 with Snapdragon X Elite
Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7441 with X Elite benchmarks | Image Courtesy:

The Snapdragon X Elite benchmark score in leaked Dell PC is lower than average, likely due to incorrect settings or power state. The device’s max clock speed is different, suggesting it is underpowered in tests.

A higher clock speed generally means that the CPU can execute more cycles per second, which results in better performance.

Snapdragon X Elite benchmarks compared
Snapdragon X Elite benchmarks | Image Courtesy:

The Samsung and Microsoft devices’s chips running at a higher clock speed of 4012 MHz will perform more operations in a given period compared to Dell’s 3417 MHz, assuming all other factors (thermal, power state) are equal. This higher clock speed is likely a major contributor to Samsung’s higher benchmark scores.

Again, it is important to understand there are several reasons that can influence the benchmark numbers. In this case, I think it’s the state of the device when benchmark was run (battery level, power supply, running background apps).

It could be anything, and as I mentioned above, do not pay attention to these numbers.

The benchmark listing confirms Dell is working on a Snapdragon X Elite-powered Inspiron 14 Plus 7441, which could be announced at Computex 2024.

Dell is not the only PC maker working on a Windows 11 AI PC with Snapdragon X Elite.

According to benchmarks and other details seen by Windows Latest, here’s what you can expect:

Other companies will also join these OEMs at Computex. We’ll learn more about the next generation of Windows on Snapdragon at Microsoft’s AI event on May 20.

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