Microsoft finally tests more reliable Windows Search on Windows 10

Windows 10’s April 2024 preview update has arrived with changes to Settings, Lock screen, and other components. This update finally addresses a significant problem with the Search feature.

The official update page mentions that the search is now more reliable. You can expect fast, accurate search results and a personalized search experience.

Many users have complained about the problems with the search function’s accuracy and slow load times. For example, a user searched for a recycle bin and got search results for another system setting. Sometimes, the Start menu or the Search window crashes while searching for an app.

Microsoft’s announcement shows that it acknowledged the issue and that something was wrong with the feature. So, finding a recently installed app won’t be a problem after this update. We faced some inconsistencies while using the search function, but it wasn’t a big issue, at least on our Windows 10 machine.

Apart from improving the search function, this new update fixes issues with Bluetooth device connections that failed to pair with the Windows PC. The newly introduced Widgets in the lock screen also get a quality upgrade, which improves their visual appearance.

Gone are the days of local accounts on Windows 10. After making it mandatory for Windows 11, Microsoft wants you to sign in with your account on Windows 11. After installing this update, you will see notifications related to sign-in on the home page of the settings app.

Windows 10 KB5036979 adds Microsoft account alerts
New Microsoft alerts in the Settings | Image Courtesy:

No one’s a fan of obnoxious popups, especially when users consciously choose not to add a Microsoft account on their Windows 10 PCs.

We expect the ads to become more prevalent in the coming months. You can turn off these ads by disabling all the General Privacy options. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, the pops redirect you to create a new one.

Moreover, April 2024 is an optional update with a relatively smaller size than the traditional updates.

Windows updates will shrink in the coming months

Windows Latest previously reported about the decreasing size of Windows updates. This approach helps you download and install updates quickly and benefits users with limited bandwidth and business environments.

Windows 10 will be gone in sixteen months, and despite its benefits, pressuring users to use Microsoft accounts doesn’t make sense. You can pay to extend the support cycle and keep the security updates coming.

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