A new version of Windows is coming, and there’s a high chance it will be called “Windows 11 2024 Update”, not Windows 12. While the branding decision rests with Microsoft’s marketing team, HP has published new documents referencing “Windows 11 2024 Update” and “24H2”, contributing to the rumour mill.

There are several references to the Windows 11 2024 Update in HP’s specs sheet for its new Spectre lineup. The references seemingly confirm the existence of Windows 11’s next big update, which is said to bring support for Windows Copilot 2.0 and Wi-Fi 7.

For most, the Windows 11 24H2 version name seemed to be a given, but there was still doubt regarding whether or not the company would continue with “Windows 11 2024 Update”. The original Windows 11 update was known only internally as the Sun Valley update, with the company revealing it as Windows 11 2022 Update.

HP Specs Sheet confirm Windows 11 2024 Update

The documents reveal that the “Windows 11 2024 Update” will be a requisite for using Wi-Fi 7 (802.11BE) capabilities.

Windows 11 2024 Update
Windows 11 2024 Update | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com

Specifically, the full potential of Wi-Fi 7 will be unlocked with a combination of the Windows 11 2024 Update, an Intel Core or Intel Core Ultra processor, and a Wi-Fi 7-compatible router.

Windows 11 24H2 reference
Windows 11 24H2 reference | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com

Notably, Wi-Fi 7 technology is backwards compatible with previous 802.11 specifications, offering broader connectivity options. However, its availability will be limited to regions where Wi-Fi 7 is supported.

The mention of Windows 11 24H2 in another HP document further corroborates the existence of this upcoming update.

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